STANZIONE & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is an intellectual property law firm with OVER 30 YEARS of EXPERIENCE protecting the intellectual property of corporate entities, start-ups and independent inventors.



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Who We Are

Stanzione & Associates, PLLC is an intellectual property law firm with over 30 years of experience protecting the intellectual property of corporate entities, start-ups, and individual inventors.  Stanzione & Associates, PLLC separates itself from other Intellectual Property law firms in that Mr. Stanzione has extensive past experience working at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) as a supervisory level patent examiner, thus having the insight and long term relationships at the USPTO to work well with patent examiners to achieve quality patents.

Skilled Team of Arlington, VA & New York City Intellectual Property Lawyers

Washington DC & New York Intellectual Property Attorney Mr. Stanzione trains each member of his team to conduct well prepared interviews at the USPTO for patent applications, to obtain strong patents for each client, and to focus on every detail of our clients’ ideas, technology and concerns, thus providing 100% satisfaction and the highest quality.  Drafting patent applications in today’s environment requires far more than drafting an application and claims.  Each invention must be understood well enough to consider how the invention may be used in the future, as well as the present, thus providing the insight such that the resulting patent will be valuable for its duration.

Best Intellectual Property Law Firm In Washington DC & NYC

Stanzione & Associates, PLLC is strategically with offices in Washington DC and New York City, such that personal access to The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the Patent and Trademark Appeals Board, the Office of the Registrar of Copyrights, the Library of Congress, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the Washington DC Airports can be achieved within minutes.  Importantly, conducting in-person interviews with patent examiners helps expedite the grant of a patent quicker and with higher quality.  Arlington & New York Intellectual Property Lawyers at Stanzione & Associates, PLLC, can conduct these in-person interviews with little to no travel costs passed onto its clients since we are located within minutes from the USPTO.


Robert Maximos

I used Stanzione and Associates to perform a patent search and opinion as well as to file an expedited full patent application on a relatively complex medical device. The service provided far exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Patrick personally handled the initial appointments and was extremely flexible in meeting my schedule. He was available to answer all my questions and provided me with amazing insight regarding my product as well as the application process in general. Patrick’s background as a former USPTO examiner as well as his background in engineering makes him an incredible asset as he understands the patent process extremely well. His engineering background lends itself to understanding your concepts effortlessly. He was also able to handle the actual artwork through a professional drafting company in addition to drafting some himself, which also facilitated the process. The final product was a professional, quality patent application. On a personal level, Patrick is a pleasure to be around. He is very pleasant, thoughtful and thoroughly dependable. I fully recommend Stanzione and Associates, PLLC without reservation.

J Shek

Patrick Stanzione’s one of those professionals where you walk away from a discussion thinking “that guy just *really* helped me out!” The result of our Company’s experience with Stanzione Associates was excellent, and made me want to review because theyre different than the other IP lawyers we’ve had to work with. The difference is this: Patrick has broad enough experience and background in the basic sciences and software underlying our physical products and services, that his suggestions and drafting added to the scope and strength of our filings. Mainly because of his insight of how our technology could be applied in differing domains, we ended up with much better coverage. This is not easy stuff to find, and I think grows out of Patrick’s quick uptake on the essence of an invention. And his knowledge of the new PTO procedures gives us solid confidence that procedurally we’re taking the right approach. I recommend 100% you interview with them, you’ll find the terms very reasonable. We wanted him on our team, and we’re lucky to have him. John Shek, General Counsel, Cimetrics Inc.

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This depends whether you are having a provisional application filed or a non-provisional application. Although a provisional application has lower filing fees and lower costs to draft the application, you may want to go directly to having a non-provisional application drafted and filed if you are ready for the invention to be examined for novelty by the USPTO. The cost to have either the provisional application or the non-provisional application drafted depends on how complex the invention is as well as how much time it takes to draft the application. Contact me directly for more details.

We can draft and file a trademark application for approximately $450. The filing fees depend on how many classifications your goods and/or services are being used in commerce.

Yes, we perform patentability searches here, and it is highly suggested to have the search conducted by the same firm that will draft your patent application since we will be familiar with the prior art and will draft your application with the prior art in mind.

We can perform a patentability search with a written opinion for $850.

The answer to this depends on how experienced your patent attorney is since a well drafted patent application as well as good patent prosecution should expedite your application to allowance relatively quickly.

The answer to this depends on how experienced your trademark attorney is since drafting a trademark application efficiently should expedite your application to allowance relatively quickly.

A good patent attorney should have extensive experience working together with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as extensive experience representing large corporations, where a large number of patent applications are required. Your patent attorney should have extensive experience drafting and prosecuting hundreds or thousands of patent applications. Mr. Stanzione has over 4,000 patents issued in the name of his law firm, as well as being listed as the patent examiner on hundreds of patents while being a senior level patent examiner.

A good trademark attorney should have extensive experience preparing, filing and prosecuting trademark applications, as well as working with foreign law firms to ensure that your trademark is well protected globally.