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Patent Application and Patent Attorney Expertise— Unlock Your Invention's Potential

Are you an innovator or inventor with groundbreaking ideas ready to change the world? Great! We need more people like you! But that means getting your patent application done right to protect your innovation. 

Securing your creation and bringing it to the market means you need the guidance of experienced patent attorneys who understand the intricate world of patent law and the best way to craft your patent application. 

At Stanzione & Associates, PLLC, our team of skilled patent attorneys is strategically located in the New York City, Washington DC, and Arlington, Virginia areas, ready to assist you on your intellectual property journey—nationwide.

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Why choose Stanzione & Associates, PLLC for your patent application needs?

We’ve been serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups and independent inventors for decades. Our expertise spans a wide array of technologies, including electronics, semiconductor circuits, optical systems, telecommunication, medical devices, and much more. 

Patent drafting and prosecution

We take patent drafting seriously, ensuring that each invention is protected comprehensively and remains valuable as technologies evolve. 

Our meticulous approach guarantees high-quality utility patents for apparatuses, devices, systems, computer hardware and software, and various methodologies and modalities.

Experts located in Arlington, Virginia, Washington DC, & New York

Our patent lawyers have firsthand experience working at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This invaluable experience allows us to collaborate effectively with patent examiners, expediting the process and increasing the chances of success.

Though we’re strategically located in these bustling locations, we offer our services nationwide. 

Navigating patentable subject matter

Many inventions revolve around software and Internet technologies. Since the landmark Alice Corporation LTD v. CLS Bank International decision, the criteria for patent-eligible subject matter have become intricate.

Our team specializes in drafting patent applications and claims that navigate these complexities, ensuring your inventions aren’t rejected under U.S. Rule 35 U.S.C. 101.

In-Person examiner interviews

We understand the importance of in-person examiner interviews in securing patent allowances. Our proximity to the USPTO and our experience within its workings enable us to increase the chances of your patent application’s approval.

Overcoming rejections

Common rejections, such as lack of novelty and obviousness, can often be overcome with the right approach. 

Our experienced patent attorneys know how to communicate effectively with patent examiners to withdraw these rejections and secure your patent.

Meticulous patent drawings

Patent drawings play a crucial role in your application. 

We get them right the first time and ensure that every significant feature of your invention is illustrated and described correctly.

Your path to patent protection starts here

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Choosing the right patent, documenting your process, keeping your idea confidential, conducting a patent search, and filing a patent application are all vital steps in the patent journey. 

The expertise of a qualified patent attorney can make all the difference in the outcome.

Let the skilled patent attorneys at Stanzione & Associates, PLLC guide you through the complex world of patent law. We provide tailored solutions, ensuring your invention gets the protection it deserves. 

Don’t leave your intellectual property to chance—contact us today and take the first step towards securing your patent with a trusted patent attorney. 

Your invention deserves nothing less.