7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Patent Attorney
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March 27, 2024


Those who create working innovations can find great success. Will that be you or your competition? If you’re asking yourself: “Why should I hire a patent attorney?” then patent law is something you need to investigate.

Just asking the question means your company is involved in some form of innovation.

Estimates suggest that around 30,000 new consumer products are introduced each year.

Furthermore, data from the 2020 Annual Business Survey shows that among for-profit companies in the United States, about a quarter introduced an innovation during 2017–19.

Here are the key reasons why enlisting a patent attorney is crucial for anyone looking to protect their hard-won innovations.

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1. The complexity of patent law

Patent law is notoriously complex, with nuances that can easily overwhelm.

Patent attorneys are adept at deciphering these complexities, ensuring that your IP rights are comprehensively protected.

Attempting to navigate patent law without a professional can lead to missed opportunities for protection and potentially costly legal mistakes.

Patent attorneys not only understand the law but also stay abreast of the latest changes and how they might affect your patent strategy.

2. Expertise in patent searches

Conducting an exhaustive search to ensure your invention is novel is crucial before filing a patent application.

Patent attorneys have access to specialized databases and tools for this purpose.

Comprehensive searches are also essential for identifying potential conflicts with existing patents, thereby avoiding costly infringement disputes.

3. Strategic planning and advice

Beyond filing patents, attorneys provide strategic counsel on maximizing your IP portfolio’s value—considering current market conditions and future opportunities.

Challenges and opportunities

Drawing from their experience, patent attorneys can foresee potential hurdles and offer advice on overcoming them, as well as identifying untapped areas of opportunity.

Impactful case studies

Having ready access and examining past successful patent filings and litigations can greatly enhance strategic legal planning for protecting and leveraging IP.

4. Drafting and filing strong patent applications

The drafting of a patent application requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure that all novel aspects of your invention are protected

Patent attorneys ensure that your application meets all the legal criteria, significantly reducing the likelihood of rejection.

Expert drafting helps avoid common pitfalls that could weaken your patent’s enforceability.

5. Making your way through the patent examination process

Patent attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of the examination process, including how to communicate with patent examiners effectively.

They are skilled in responding to office actions, where a patent examiner might request clarification or reject certain claims, thus smoothing the path toward approval.

6. Litigation support and defense

In the event of infringement or other legal disputes, an experienced patent attorney is indispensable in court—they can make the difference in challenging patent litigations and protecting your invention from unauthorized use.

7. Cost-effectiveness

With their help, you can avoid common delays and costly legal mistakes that may accompany the patent application process when navigated without professional assistance.

Why should I hire a patent attorney?

One of the best ways to learn why hiring a patent attorney is to discuss your situation with one.

Contact Stanzione Patent Law, PLLC, right away for a no-obligation consultation about your innovations and what sort of protection they and your company might need.

Anyone could be developing the same solutions as you. Make sure your future is protected.

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