Robert Maximos

I used Stanzione and Associates to perform a patent search and opinion as well as to file an expedited full patent application on a relatively complex medical device. The service provided far exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Patrick personally handled the initial appointments and was extremely flexible in meeting my schedule. He was available to answer all my questions and provided me with amazing insight regarding my product as well as the application process in general. Patrick’s background as a former USPTO examiner as well as his background in engineering makes him an incredible asset as he understands the patent process extremely well. His engineering background lends itself to understanding your concepts effortlessly. He was also able to handle the actual artwork through a professional drafting company in addition to drafting some himself, which also facilitated the process. The final product was a professional, quality patent application. On a personal level, Patrick is a pleasure to be around. He is very pleasant, thoughtful and thoroughly dependable. I fully recommend Stanzione and Associates, PLLC without reservation.

Lisa Caprio

Extremely reliable with communication answering any questions you may have, the overall process moves along quickly because of this which is amazing! And his prices are fair and honest. The best I’ve worked with so far!! Thank you Patrick

Marsel Khadiyev

We’ve been working with Patrick and his firm for a few years now and are very happy with our ongoing relationship. Patrick is a professional, reliable, and punctual specialist who gets the job done. Cannot recommend enough.

The ArtsBot

Patrick Stanzione & Associates is what i would call the personal and protective law firm. Patrick is very available and very personal. He listens to his clients needs and is very quickly, able to determine the best course of trademark/patent protective action. I thoroughly enjoy working with. He is real, he is thorough and has excellent follow through.

Angela Brown

My experience working with Patrick has been very pleasant. He is intelligent, professional, thorough and responsive. The process of applying for and securing a patent is extremely technical. So, it is critical to work with someone like Patrick who has years of experience working in this complex field.

Ramesh Sivarajan

Was a pleasure working with Patrick on a computer algorithm, that saw quite a steep hill challenge at the USPTO. Thanks to Patrick’s advice, the Tranxigen team worked it through the diligent steps with him and got it allowed. Thank you Patrick and the Stanzione Associates!!

Tommy B

Patrick worked with me on the prosecution of an important control device patent. Work was completed quickly and the interaction was very productive. The patent was accepted by the USPTO with all the submitted claims.

Crystal-Diane Nappi

I am an independent inventor. I do not have deep pockets, so the matter of hiring a professional patent firm was a very big decision for me.

Patrick Stanzione was referred to me through a mentor of mine. I was looking for Patent firm to do a thorough patent search opinion plus possibly write a professional provisional patent for an invention I was working on. It was vital to me that I was going to get an brutally honest opinion. I hired patent firms before and was lead down the rosy path to terrible disappointment and financial loss. This time I needed to know the truth.

This was an investment to me. I needed to chose the RIGHT Patent Agent and could ill afford a mistake especially at my age, almost 62. Anyone who has spent time inventing soon realizes there are many pitfalls for small inventors we know how little legitimate help there is for us. Most firms will happily ‘do the work’ and take your money, but not really dig in or take a vested interest in your project. Equally important, step in and advise you when NOT to spend the money.

Patrick Stanzione was a breath of fresh air. Not only did he do an exhaustive search and provide a professional opinion about the potential patentability of my invention, but his approach to writing a provisional patent was so much more comprehensive. Though more costly than other budget firms or do it yourself self help programs, you really should consider what you get for your money. He even saved me money by telling me what I needed and what I did not need to spend right now, for instance, the level of details in patent drawings for the provisional patent.

For me, there was no other choice. Early on, I looked at this as a strategic investment. As an unknown, I personally felt I had a better chance of opening doors if I had my patent work done by an well known award winning firm than just me, via some home grown do it yourself program such as offered by some of the invention marketing companies or pile of google patent searches.

In my opinion, NOTHING replaces specialized knowledge and experience. I personally want to give my invention the best chance at a licensing deal, and hope my decision will pay off. My decision to go the professional versus home written provisional patent route was confirmed when I recently attended the International Licensing Expo Show 2019 in Las Vegas Nevada. While talking to people that may be interested in my invention, several told me they would not even speak seriously to me if I had not had my patent work done professionally. WOW. That was an eye opener!

I now have a handful of promising leads I plan to followup with now that i am officially Patent Pending. Throughout the entire process Patrick was easy to work with, communicative, patient and encouraging and even humorous at time.

Finally, I also chose this firm because they offer turnkey services throughout the process. Because my long term objective is to obtain one or more licensing contracts for my invention, this entire process is new to me. I and confident that Patrick Stanzione Associates will be there for me throughout the entire process to guide me.

I am so thankful that I was referred to, was able to hire and I put my confidence in Patrick Stanzione and Associates. I highly recommend this firm for your intellectual property needs. It could not have been a better experience. Sincerely Crystal-Diane Nappi

J Shek

Patrick Stanzione’s one of those professionals where you walk away from a discussion thinking “that guy just *really* helped me out!” The result of our Company’s experience with Stanzione Associates was excellent, and made me want to review because theyre different than the other IP lawyers we’ve had to work with. The difference is this: Patrick has broad enough experience and background in the basic sciences and software underlying our physical products and services, that his suggestions and drafting added to the scope and strength of our filings. Mainly because of his insight of how our technology could be applied in differing domains, we ended up with much better coverage. This is not easy stuff to find, and I think grows out of Patrick’s quick uptake on the essence of an invention. And his knowledge of the new PTO procedures gives us solid confidence that procedurally we’re taking the right approach. I recommend 100% you interview with them, you’ll find the terms very reasonable. We wanted him on our team, and we’re lucky to have him. John Shek, General Counsel, Cimetrics Inc.

John Seaborn

We are a small firm and Stanzione & Associates has been an excellent resource in developing our Patents and Trademarks. They have been very responsive adding value to our intellectual property portfolio.