How to Protect Intellectual Property in 5+ Ways
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April 18, 2024


For businesses and inventors alike, protecting your intellectual property (IP) works hand-in-hand with a strategy of safeguarding your ideas, products, and competitive advantage. 

But unless you know how to protect intellectual property effectively, you might as well stick a “free to good home” sign on your IP. 

How can I protect my IP?

Patents are a key component of IP protection—but they are just one part of a broader strategy. Leveraging and strategizing around your patents is part of the solution. 

Here are the most effective and commonly used measures businesses can take to protect intellectual property: the top five ways to ensure your innovations remain secure.

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How are intellectual properties protected?

Intellectual property can be protected through a combination of legal tools and strategic practices, each suited to different types of IP.


  • Patents protect inventions, granting the inventor exclusive rights to use, sell, and manufacture the invention for a certain period.
  • Patents are ideal for new products, processes, or technologies.


  • Trademarks protect symbols, names, and slogans used to identify goods or services.
  • Foundational for branding—allowing businesses to build recognition and loyalty among consumers.


  • Copyright law deals with original works of authorship, including literature, music, and art.
  • Granting the creator exclusive rights to:
    • Reproduce
    • Distribute
    • Display the work

Trade secrets

  • Trade secret protection involves keeping valuable business information confidential.
  • The scope of that information can include formulas, practices, or designs that are not known outside of the company and provide a competitive edge.

Design rights

  • Design rights deals with the visual design of objects that are not purely utilitarian.
  • This can include the shape, surface, or configuration of an item.

However, as we mentioned above, having the right legal tool connected with your product is only part of the solution. 

You also need to leverage that tool effectively if your innovation is to remain safely yours

Five ways to protect intellectual property

Beyond these legal protections, businesses can employ additional strategies to safeguard their IPs:

  1. Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs): Employed when sharing sensitive information with employees, contractors, or business partners—NDAs legally bind parties to confidentiality, protecting your IP from unauthorized disclosure.
  2. Implement security measures: Physical and digital security measures can prevent unauthorized access to IP. This includes secure servers, restricted access areas, and robust IT security policies.
  3. IP audits: Regularly conducting IP audits can help identify all the IP assets within a company and assess their protection status—helping ensure that all valuable IP is adequately safeguarded and leveraged.
  4. Employee education: Educating employees about the importance of IP and their role in protecting it is vital, including training on confidentiality practices and recognizing potential IP infringements.
  5. Monitoring and enforcement: Prompt legal action against infringements is vital to deter potential violators—markets need to be vigilantly scanned for potential infringements of your IP rights, including:
    1. Online searches
    2. Market surveys
    3. Watching patent and trademark filings 

How you can protect your IP: The bottom line

Protecting intellectual property requires a multifaceted approach, combining legal protections with strategic measures. 

By utilizing patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and design rights in conjunction with NDAs, security measures, IP audits, employee education, and vigilant monitoring, businesses can effectively safeguard their innovations. 

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Patents and other law shields are only as effective as the professionals who wield them. 

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