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How to File a Patent

If you’re looking to claim a business name, you are probably looking to obtain a trademark. If you wrote a book, song, or play, you want to obtain copyrights. However, if you invented the next big thing and want to make sure no one else makes money from your idea, you need to patent your… Read more »

How Do You Fight Patent Infringement?

Patent infringement occurs when a person or company sells, offers, or utilizes a patented invention without the patent owner’s permission. While the invention’s information may be publicly accessible, it cannot be used without the patent holder’s approval. If this happens, the patent owner has the right to pursue legal action against anyone who infringes on… Read more »

A Practitioner’s Guide to Patent Challenges at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: CHAPTER 4 (DRAFT): Initiating a Post-Grant Proceeding at the USPTO

This document is in draft form and subject to further revision by the author. This document is not to be used as a legal reference and does not constitute legal advice. You should consult a lawyer if you have legal issues requiring attention. Nothing in this document creates an express or implied contract. The outcome of particular legal matters is dependent upon the facts and law applicable to the matters.

Trademark for Success

Providing Trademark protection for our clients is vital in that Trademarks create goodwill for businesses, and can be the backbone of business success.